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COOLWALL® Exterior Coating Chosen To Modernize U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Buildings

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Panama City, Fla. (November 10, 2008) – TEX•COTE®, one of the largest textured coatings manufacturers in the world, applied its patented energy-saving exterior coating to the new USCIS immigration buildings in South Florida. The application of the COOLWALL® System may save the federal government up to 21.9 percent in cooling costs (Percentage of savings are based on a Department of Energy study that showed savings ranging from 4.2 – 21.9 percent) and is a part of their 135 million dollar modernization project.

“Our COOLWALL® System has a unique heat reflective technology that reflects the sun’s infrared energy and UV radiation. This technology results in lower surface temperatures on the walls compared to paint in the same color. The COOLWALL® System’s FADE BLOCK technology also minimizes color fading, eliminating the need for frequent repainting,” said Jay Haines, President and Chief Executive Officer, Textured Coatings of America, Inc. “We are glad the USCIS has recognized the benefits and energy savings this product can provide.”

In an effort to improve their image and facilitate the processing of immigrants into the country, the U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) started a massive modernization project involving 36 buildings across the nation. The project began with five new buildings in South Florida that were specifically designed to enhance the experience of new immigrants. The COOLWALL® application on the five USCIS facilities, ranging in size from 38,000 to 60,000 square feet, was started eight months ago and will be completed in time for the new offices to open in November 2008.

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