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Residential COOLWALL®
Commercial COOLWALL® - Harley Davidson in Orlando, FL



Tex-Cote LLC leads the industry in environmentally conscious practices, meeting and exceeding standards set by the State and Local governments for VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels. TEX-COTE® started as a family-owned company founded in 1961 but its assets have since been acquired by Tnemec, Inc.. It was the first paint and coatings manufacturer to be granted a patent for heat-reflective wall coatings. 

Our flagship product, COOLWALL®, is a game changer for modern buildings. It's a revolutionary coating system that reduces the impact our everyday actions have on the environment by drastically reducing VOC emissions and can provide cooling cost energy savings*.

Most coatings claim to be environmentally friendly but only COOLWALL® cuts emissions through reflectivity, utilizes recycled materials, and reduces cooling costs.

  • Contains heat-reflective properties to reduce surface temperatures and can provide for cooling cost energy savings*.

  • Has heat reflective technology that also leads to increased durability and fade resistance due to less expansion and contraction stress on the coating, greatly extending the product lifespan.

  • Has been recognized by prominent LEED™ Accredited Professionals as being worthy of submission for LEED credits in up to three of the six LEED categories.

  • Can lower cooling electricity usage during peak demand hours, which results in a significant cost savings*.

  • Allows you to experience lower surface temperatures as a result of increased reflectivity without sacrificing color and visual appeal. Providing lower surface temperatures in all colors not just white.

  • Uses the same infrared heat-reflective technology used by the U.S. military to reduce radar signatures on its planes and vehicles.

  • Works by reflecting much of the infrared light back into the atmosphere, lowering surface temperatures by up to 40° Fahrenheit*.

  • Was tested and proven by the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory to reduce cooling costs by up to 21.9%*.

  • Incorporates patented FADE BLOCK® technology that is virtually immune to the effects of harmful UV radiation, which include degrading paint resulting in fading and chalking.

Tex-Cote LLC is dedicated to leading the paint and coatings industry in becoming an environmentally conscious "green" company who recognizes their responsibility in protecting the world we live in today. Through using less energy with COOLWALL® heat reflective paints or recycling materials for production, TEX-COTE® has always been committed to making this world a better place for us all.

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