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TEX·COTE® Doesn't Fade Away

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

TEX·COTE® has worked hard to be where we are today and we’re happy to continue embarking on this journey, but we want you to be a part of it. We want our customers to know that we are more vibrant than ever. TEX·COTE® is proud of our reputation and will continue delivering high-quality products, paint programs, and customer service. So, what doesn’t fade away when you do business with TEX·COTE®? We’re going to highlight the answers for you:

Our Products

TEX·COTE®’s COOLWALL® products are designed and proven to be highly resistant to fading. Need proof? Take a look at COOLWALL® next to our competitors. Just like our company, our colors and our selection will not fade.

We’ve worked with both small and large commercial companies to paint their structures and have also completed Paint Life Cycle Analyses to demonstrate the lasting effects of our products. Interested to see how our products stack up against the others on the market? Take a look. Over a 15-year period, COOLWALL® saved our customers money with initial application costs, while competitor paints needed to be reapplied every five years, increasing the cost over time. With a one-time application and a lifetime warranty, TEX·COTE® proves its everlasting loyalty to its customers in all industries.

Our Warranty

Did we just say lifetime? With our limited lifetime warranty that never fades, you can be sure TEX·COTE®’s products are the right choice. As long as the paint is applied correctly, your warranty will remain active. How many other brands can offer the same advantage with their paint products? The TEX·COTE® warranty saves you money whether you are painting for commercial, transportation, or residential. Our resilient products eliminate the need to spend additional money repainting every few years or when the need arises due to unforeseen circumstances. Our products are resilient, but we stand behind them through our warranty.

Our Company

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, TEX·COTE® has made a mark as strong as our paint – we will continue to be vibrant and never fade. We’ve dedicated our time developing sustainable products and practices; we stand behind our ethical approach to help the environment.

Our company’s dedication to providing our customers with the highest quality products makes us unique. We offer what other companies cannot – superior products paired with a desire to help business owners, homeowners, authorized applicators, and more have access to sustainable products that last.

TEX·COTE® wants to make a lasting impression on you. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or want to become an authorized applicator, we want to connect with you. Contact us to learn more about products, services, and becoming part of the TEX·COTE® story that will never fade away.

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