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A Look At Some Of Our Favorite Products: COOL-TEC™ And TEX-COTE® CLEAR-SEAL™

Updated: Jul 18, 2023


Here at Textured Coatings of America, Inc., we take pride in our high-quality products that keep buildings looking in top condition while saving customers both on energy and costs. This week, we’re sharing the benefits of using our TEX-COTE® COOL-TEC™ and TEX-COTE® CLEAR-SEAL™ products for your outdoor projects.


Our infrared, heat-reflective COOL-TEC™ is perfect for outdoor concrete or wood deck project. With its heat-reflective coating technology, COOL-TEC™ can reduce surface temperatures of more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit while restoring the look of your old, weathered surface. The benefit of this product is that it creates increased durability and fade resistance, no matter what color you choose (we have more than 570 colors available or can match a specific color for you).

Unlike other paints, the thickness of COOL-TEC™ allows it to cover flaws on your deck, including splinters and cracks. Furthermore, the COOL-TEC™ formulation gives it superior scratch, abrasion, and burnish resistance.

Using COOL-TEC™ couldn’t be easier. Its primer-less, roll-on and brush application will make your deck, walkway, patio, or balcony project go smoothly. Just apply two coats and you’re done. Click here for a more comprehensive look at this product.


Our TEX-COTE® CLEAR-SEAL™ (One Component Acrylic Satin Finish) is the ideal addition on decks, pool surrounds, driveways, and walkways. When applied, the coat provides a more durable, dirt pickup-resistant surface. CLEAR-SEAL™ is water-based, meaning that there’s no flammable solvents in the formula.

This acrylic clear sealer will help your outdoor project brave all kinds of weather conditions. CLEAR-SEAL™ is water-repellant, is equipped with increased dirt pickup-resistance, protects your surface against airborne chemicals, minimizes discoloration, and prevents moisture staining. The CLEAR-SEAL™ coating is thin, yet powerful. Even after years of use, the coat will remain uniform, thanks to its water stain resistance.

To apply, use a brush, roller, or low-pressure spray. The CLEAR-SEAL™ coating will cover about 400-600 square feet per gallon, however we recommend using multiple coats to give your surface a finished look that’ll last for the long haul.

Become part of our story today. TEX•COTE® offers a complete line of decorative, protective, and technologically-advanced coatings for commercial, industrial, transportation, and residential applications. Contact us today to learn more about our products, services, or becoming an authorized applicator.

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