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Keep Dog Paws Cool With COOL-TEC® Heat-Reflective Coating

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Although dogs’ footpads are able to tread across a variety of terrain and elements, man-made surfaces like concrete can scorch their feet.

When it comes to your dog’s paws, Textured Coatings of America, Inc. has a product, TEX•COTE® COOL-TEC®, that will make pet owners, as well as government agencies and companies that work with dogs, ‘applaws.’ In fact, this product has even made headlines.

It took only one call from a concerned government contractor for our company to recommend the use of TEX•COTE® COOL-TEC to solve the contractor’s training problem. The dog trainer was having an issue with the hot pavement burning the dogs’ paw pads.

After the contractor applied TEX•COTE® COOL-TEC to the training area, the concrete that was too hot to touch prior to the application, was now cool enough for the dogs to safely walk on without burning their paws. As a matter of fact, the surface of the training area had cooled down enough that the trainer could even walk on the surface barefooted.


Our TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® SUPER•COTE™ surface coating system was launched back in 2005 with the goal of cooling buildings’ walls and roofs while promoting energy savings. Building off of that technology, in 2014, Textured Coatings of America, Inc. launched a new line product line, TEX•COTE® COOL-TEC®.

TEX•COTE® COOL-TEC® coating is a revolutionary heat-reflective product that can reduce surface temperatures by up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, providing a cool, slip-resistant surface that both you and your dogs can walk on with your barefoot. Lower surface temperatures lead to increased durability and superior fade resistance – even if you choose a coating in a darker color. TEX•COTE® COOL-TEC® is available in over 952 heat-reflective colors to fit your project or Textured Coatings of America, Inc. can custom match a color of your choice. The COOL-TEC® coating’s superior finish maintains increased reflectivity values for many years, unlike traditional coatings.

In addition to protecting dogs’ paws from hot surfaces, COOL-TEC®’s thick coating hides cracks and splinters in the surface. It’s easy roll-on and brush application makes it the perfect addition to your concrete and wood decks, walkways, patios, pool decks, and balconies.


Our other popular product, TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® SUPER•COTE™, gives homeowners and businesses a reliable solution for protecting their home or building’s exterior. COOLWALL® uses the same heat-reflective technology the military uses to reduce the “heat signature, ”the solar heat absorbed by planes and vehicles.

TEX•COTE® products are specially formulated to reflect the sun’s heat and are energy-efficient, allowing homeowners and businesses to save money on energy costs year-round.

Become a part of the TEX•COTE® story today. Contact us to learn more about our products and how to become an authorized applicator, distributor, or dealer today.

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