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Why You Should Coat Commercial Buildings With TEX•COTE® COOLWALL®

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

What color are the commercial buildings you’ve painted? Do they look the same color they were originally painted? Or is it fading, flaking, and in turn, making the commercial building owner or business look bad? The building should invite people in, not turn them away. TEX•COTE®’s COOLWALL® Coating Systems are the solution to give commercial buildings a superior appearance. Why should you use our coating systems for your commercial projects? Here are the reasons:

1. Full Cooling Coverage

TEX•COTE®’s REFLECT-TEC® is a heat-reflective roof and wall coating to give buildings full cooling coverage once the coating process is complete. The advanced coating system reflects the sun’s heat to keep the exterior cooler. You can expect lower interior temperatures based on less heat buildup around the building. This technology promotes savings on cooling costs due to these lower temperatures, benefitting the commercial client and the environment. They will not need to spend extra money cooling their building down during hot summers or whenever the sun is beaming down on the building.

2. FADE BLOCK® Technology

REFLECT-TEC® also has a unique technology known as FADE BLOCK® to prevent the color of buildings from changing over time. Because buildings are exposed to the elements, they have the potential to become damaged as time passes. Sun and rain can also play a role in damaging buildings over time if it is not properly coated or is coated with subpar paints or coatings. You will need to repaint or recoat the buildings in order to maintain the desired color and look. TEX•COTE®’s COOLWALL® and REFLECT-TEC® Coating Systems prevent colors from fading to give your commercial projects a long-lasting, efficient coating that makes businesses standout. Using these products also positively contribute to the reduction of the Heat Island Effect where some cities are much warmer than other areas. Using high-quality, reflective coatings lower temperatures to fight the Heat Island Effect to save energy and lower emissions. The solar reflectance percentages are much higher on TEX•COTE® products, giving buildings the ability to emit the heat it is absorbing.

3. Appearance is Everything

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but appearance is everything when it comes to commercial buildings – it makes a lasting impression on an individual. As an architect, contractor, or vendor, you want your project to look professional, clean, and inviting. TEX•COTE®’s COOLWALL® and REFLECT-TEC® Coating Systems reduce building fatigue, giving commercial buildings a long-lasting appearance that enhances a business’s image. If the building looks fatigued or outdated, then a business may lend the same impression solely based on outside appearance.

4. Lower Maintenance Costs

COOLWALL® and REFLECT-TEC® Coating Systems prevent moisture penetration, dirt pickup, and mildew. Dirt and mold can easily build up over time, creating a recurring business expense to maintain a building’s appearance and condition. Property owners and businesses can expect lower maintenance costs by choosing TEX•COTE®’s Coating Systems that are covered under our lifetime warranty. A one-time cost removes maintenance headaches and costs to save businesses time and money.

5. Our Experience and Approach

It is crucial to work with an experienced company that can offer you high-quality, sustainable products. TEX•COTE® cares about our impact on the environment and makes sustainable products for this reason. Our impressive commercial portfolio also demonstrates our influence and expertise. We have done commercial coatings on buildings for NASA, CVS Pharmacy, City Hall, and more. Within the industry, we have also worked on corporate buildings, restaurants, shopping centers, office buildings, and several other types of buildings and structures.

We want you to become a part of our story. TEX•COTE® offers a complete line of decorative, protective, and technologically-advanced coatings for commercial, industrial, transportation, and residential applications. Contact us today to learn more about our products, services, or becoming an authorized applicator.

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