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Customers Are Thunderstruck Over COOLWALL®

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

The Issue

Travis Marshall, a customer of Final Coat Exteriors, purchased a unique and picturesque estate in the New Jersey countryside called Thunderstruck. The 9,500 square foot Federal style home situated on 42 acres is a replica of George Washington’s home in Mt. Vernon, Va. Thunderstruck was built in 1988 and the exterior was made of cedar clapboard and white pine trim. Over the years the trim rotted and was replaced with composite material. Marshall needed to refurbish the outside and wanted to keep the look and integrity of the home intact while making the exterior maintenance-free at the same time.

The Challenge

The Thunderstruck estate is massive and Marshall could not afford to have painters back every few years because of the sheer size and magnitude of the painting job. Thunderstruck is also located in the Delaware Bay area, which is a very harsh environment that is windy, wet, and salty to boot.

Marshall contacted Final Coat Exteriors of New Jersey to investigate TEX•COTE®’s COOLWALL® System for his home. After viewing several homes of satisfied customers who invested in the COOLWALL® technology, he was convinced of its superior quality and value and started the process with Final Coat Exteriors.

The Outcome

Not only did the COOLWALL® System deliver the desired result of a maintenance-free exterior for the Thunderstruck estate, but the added benefits were equally as incredible: The COOWALL® System’s heat reflective technology made it possible to lower his air conditioning expenses as well.

It's been three years since the COOLWALL® System was applied to the Thunderstruck estate and the exterior still looks like new.

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