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Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Carlos Padilla, Acabados Superficie, Kalos Guadalupe Aeropuerto COOLWALL® – Mexico

TEX•COTE®’s COOLWALL® System was recently chosen by Carlos Padilla of Acabados Superficie S.A. de C.V. to be the exclusive coating for several large commercial buildings in Monterrey, Mexico. COOLWALL® ‘s patented infrared heat-reflective technology which leads to lower surface temperatures, increased durability, and superior fade resistance make it perfect for the climate conditions in Mexico. The bright colors used in this area typically fade dramatically after short periods of time, something that the COOLWALL® System will not do. Additionally, the COOLWALL® System’s Satin finish being used in this area resists dirt pickup and mold & mildew growth – staying cleaner than traditional coatings.

In addition to the COOLWALL® System, Acabados Superficie S.A. de C.V. is now launching TEX•COTE®’s REFLECT-TEC® and ERASER-COTE® product lines. REFLECT-TEC® is a infrared heat-reflective coating designed for metal roofs, metal walls, tile roofs, and ornamental metal. The REFLECT-TEC® System incorporates industry-leading Kynar Aquatec® technology and shares many of the same heat-reflective benefits as the COOLWALL® System. ERASER-COTE® is an ultra low-odor white or clear dry-erase coating that can turn virtually any wall surface in to a dry-erase surface.

Carlos is also a partner is an architectural firm that designs many large, innovative buildings in the Monterrey area. Acabados Superficie S.A. de C.V. specializes in façade work, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals, industrial buildings, condominiums, and transportation structures.

For more information on COOLWALL® and other TEX•COTE® products, call 1-800-454-0340.

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