protective coatings for bridges

TEX•COTE, LLC. is a world leader in the manufacturing of long-term performance TEX•COTE® products to protect bridges, barrier walls and other transportation-related structures. Because of its unique protective features, 30 states and the Federal Highway Administration have named TEX•COTE® the “Product of Choice” on all new and restorative concrete projects.

Our BRIDGE COTE® products, including TEX•COTE® XL-70® BRIDGE COTE® and TEX•COTE® XL-70® “W” BRIDGE COTE®, are so uniquely formulated that they can be applied on damp, dry, cured or uncured concrete without a primer. That’s revolutionary! If you are looking for environmentally friendly products, our TEX•COTE® 300 BRIDGE COTE® and TEX•COTE® XL-70® “W” BRIDGE COTE® are both water-based, low VOC coatings with very good color retention, even in deep tones. In fact, all of our BRIDGE COTE® products have such incredible characteristics, they have been used on seven of the top 10 bridges in America – making them some of the most popular bridge coatings in the world today.

Other transportation-related TEX•COTE® products include GRAFFITI GARD® anti-graffiti coatings and RAINSTOPPER® Concrete Stain for aesthetic staining and water repellency. For more on our complete line of transportation-related products, visit our online catalog.