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Hathaway Bridge in Panama City Beach, Florida | Transportation


TEX•COTE, LLC. is a world leader in the manufacturing of long-term performance TEX•COTE® products to protect bridges, barrier walls and other transportation-related structures. Because of its unique protective features, 30 states and the Federal Highway Administration have named TEX•COTE® the “Product of Choice” on all new and restorative concrete projects.

Our BRIDGE COTE® products, including TEX•COTE® XL-70® BRIDGE COTE® and TEX•COTE® XL-70® “W” BRIDGE COTE®, are so uniquely formulated that they can be applied on damp, dry, cured or uncured concrete without a primer. That’s revolutionary! If you are looking for environmentally friendly products, our TEX•COTE® 300 BRIDGE COTE® and TEX•COTE® XL-70® “W” BRIDGE COTE® are both water-based, low VOC coatings with very good color retention, even in deep tones. In fact, all of our BRIDGE COTE® products have such incredible characteristics, they have been used on seven of the top 10 bridges in America – making them some of the most popular bridge coatings in the world today.

Other transportation-related TEX•COTE® products include GRAFFITI GARD® anti-graffiti coatings and RAINSTOPPER® Concrete Stain for aesthetic staining and water repellency. For more on our complete line of transportation-related products, visit our online catalog.


Our Products

Light and Shadow



TEX-COTE® products for transportation infrastructure are high-performance coating systems designed to protect and beautify a variety of surfaces, including bridges, highways, and other transportation structures.

Penetrant Sealers, Repellents & Stains

TEX-COTE® penetrant sealers, repellents, and stains protect and enhance the appearance of porous surfaces by penetrating the substrate and providing long-lasting protection against water, stains, and other damage types.



Coating Systems

TEX-COTE® anti-graffiti coating systems are specially formulated coatings that provide a protective barrier against graffiti, making it easier to remove unwanted markings and keeping surfaces looking clean and attractive.

TEX-COTE® Transportation

provides advanced coating solutions for commercial vehicles, ensuring enduring aesthetics and resilience. Their revolutionary products shield against weathering and fading. Discover their commercial photo collection, showcasing vivid colors and impeccable TEX-COTE® Commercial finishes for striking before-and-after transformations.

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