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The 1030 FC is our highest production sprayer for applying smooth and aggregate textures, elastomeric and acrylic materials on large concrete buildings.


High-Output Piston Texture Pump

  • Uniquely designed pump with extra large passages for pumping aggregated materials
  • Innovative soft seal in the foot valve ensures optimal performance
  • High-output pump produces texture delivery rates to 3.0 gpm at 1000 psi for time-saving production rates


Automatic Pressure Unloader

  • Ensures a soft start with each trigger pull
  • Eliminates the material blast that can impact finish quality
  • Puts less stress on material to prevent pack-out conditions


Wide Fan Pattern

  • Up to a 4-ft (1.2-m) wide fan pattern
  • Fast, consistent material coverage at a high production rate
  • Fan pattern enables you to complete projects with fewer passes


Easy-to-Use Operator Controls

  • Full-range flow control from .9 to 3 gpm (3.4 to 11.4 Lpm)
  • Heavy-duty air regulator for precise air management


Heavy-Duty Suction Tube

  • Pump directly from 5-gallon pails or 55-gallon drums


On-Board Air Filtration System

  • Filters incoming air to keep your sprayer running at optimal performance
  • Auto-drain design automatically removes moisture build-up


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