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The 10:1 President is a time, tested air-operated texture sprayer that pumps directly from your material drum.


High-Output Piston Texture Pump

  • Submerged foot value is placed low to the ground to ensure the pump is preloaded with material
  • Available in both carbon street and stainless steel
  • High-output pump produces texture delivery rates to 3.0 gpm at 1000 psi for time-saving production ratios


Heavy-Duty Graco Air Motor

  • Time0tested air motor delivers years of reliable dependable operation
  • Simple, maintenance-free design


Even-Flo® Valve

  • Provides smooth, even material flow for the most consistent finish quality
    • Includes air regulators and pressure gauges for easy setup and operation


Relax-A-Valve (Carbon Steel Model Only)

  • Ensures a soft start with easy trigger pull
  • Eliminates the material blast that can impact finish quality


Convenient Drum-Mount Set-Up

  • Mounts directly to your material container, saving space in your truck or on the job
  • Carbon-steel models can be used in open or closed head drums


GRACO 10-1 Texture Sprayer

    • Graco
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