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COOL-TEX® Concrete Floor and Deck Coating is an advanced, very low VOC water-based epoxy coating system that provides superior performance and wear characteristics for garage floors, patios, and walkways.


COOL-TEX® base coat is followed with COOL-TEX® CLEAR-GARD™.


COOL-TEX® combines the latest in epoxy chemistry with heat-reflective* technology to provide a tough surface with cooler, longer-lasting colors.


COOL-TEX® is both aesthetically pleasing and functional, as it lowers surface temperatures* while it protects the surface, increasing the life of the deck. COOL-TEX® is designed to resist chipping, flaking, and peeling, providing years of trouble-free service.


COOL-TEX® can be applied to achieve many different appearances. It can be left as a single color, splattered with additional colors for a multi-color finish, or knocked-down for a textured lace finish. The creative possibilities are endless, resulting in a durable virtually maintenance-free coatings that protects as well as it looks.


CAUTION should be used when walking on any coated surface when it gets wet. Splatter or lace finishes, not the smooth roll-on finish, should be used for all applications where water is present.


*Heat reflectivity is only applicable for exterior applications. See Order Info for important details.

COOL-TEX® Heat-Reflective Concrete Floor and Deck Coating

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