Our commercial wall and concrete coatings are used in commercial businesses such as Kohls

Every day 3,000 gallons of TEX•COTE® products are shipped throughout the world. One reason for the exceptional popularity of TEX•COTE® products is their superior performance over other manufacturers’ coatings. For example, independent testing has shown that TEX•COTE® products can withstand decades of exterior exposure. Their unique formulation makes them completely impervious to water penetration, yet the coatings allow the underlying surface to breathe. TEX•COTE® products are also environmentally friendly due to their low volatile organic content (VOC). Finally, all TEX•COTE® products are backed by one of the strongest manufacturer warranties in the industry. Whatever TEX•COTE® product you choose, you can be assured that years of research and testing have made it one of the highest performing coatings products available in the world today.