Application Tips

1. If the coating is to be applied at ground level, applicator must trench around the foundation to prevent moisture intrusion and decay.

2. Any and all substrates that are not in sound condition must be repaired or replaced prior to the application of any TEX•COTE® product. Substrates must be cleaned to remove dirt, stains, loose paint, foreign substances, mold, mildew, and algae.

3. Any and all trim miter joints, voids, penetrations, door and window openings, and other areas where moisture may intrude should be caulked and sealed properly to ensure a water tight coating.

4. Substrate to which TEX•COTE® products are applied must be approved surfaces (i.e. Masonite, OSB, plywood, log homes are NOT approved substrates for the coating system.)

5. A minimum of 24 hours should be allowed between each step of the application process. (Preparation, primer application, and finish coat application)

6. Any and all questions during the application process can be answered by contacting TEX•COTE® directly at 1-800-454-0340.