The TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® with Kynar® Process: 10 Steps to Sustainability and Savings

TEX•COTE®’s high-quality, long-lasting products are crafted with expertise and sustainability in mind to deliver our customers with nothing short of the best. We’ve blogged about our new connections, vibrant reputation, and special ingredients in our coatings. Now it’s time to reveal our 10-step exterior COOLWALL® coating process. 


TEX•COTE® doesn’t make paint. We make high-quality coatings that outlive and outperform our competitors’ products. We are able to make these claims based on the application process and the many benefits TEX•COTE®’s COOLWALL® with Kynar® coatings offer. Our sustainable coatings eliminate the constant costs associated with repainting, reduce cooling costs, and come with a life-time warranty. The warranty only stands if the coating is applied correctly, which is why we want to breakdown the process for you. 


Step 1: Inspection 


Before a TEX•COTE® authorized applicator can begin coating your home, they inspect your home’s exterior for areas that need attention. For instance, the applicator must be aware of any cracks or damaged areas before continuing the process. 


Step 2: Trenching 


TEX•COTE®’s coatings are not applied like traditional paints are. The next step involves trenching around the perimeter of your home to prevent ground moisture intrusion and decay. Trenching enhances the structural stability of your home (or any other structure you coat with TEX•COTE®’s coatings) by protecting it from bottom to top. Coatings that are applied without trenching leave your home more vulnerable to moisture and decay over time. 


Step 3: Pressure Washing 


This step is crucial to achieving a clean, dirt-free home that is ready for application. Cleaning with high-power pressure washers removes any dirt, stains, mildew, and loose layers of paint that could hinder the coating. This creates a clean canvas for a TEX•COTE® authorized applicator to work on during the rest of the process. 


Step 4: Repair and Patch 


Any areas with cracking or decay are repaired and patched to create a sound, uniform surface for coating. When coating your home, we believe it is crucial to have a consistent, clean look, which is why this stage is crucial. 


Step 5: Masking 


The parts of your home that will not be applied with TEX•COTE®’s coatings will be carefully covered to prevent overspray. This includes doors, shrubs, trim, windows, and any other surfaces you do not want coated. 


Step 6: COOLWALL® Primer 


An authorized applicator is ready to apply a classic, smooth or textured primer to your home. It is sprayed on thick to create an armor-like surface that protects your home from damage. 


Step 7: Primer Inspection 


The primer coat is inspected to ensure proper thickness and uniform appearance. We believe it is crucial to double-check during the TEX•COTE® COOLWALL® application process because we know your time is valuable. 


Step 8: COOLWALL® with Kynar® Finish 


It’s time to apply color! The heat-reflective finish you have chosen for your home is applied to provide a beautiful, protected surface. 


Step 9: TRIM•COTE® 


The same heat-reflective finish is applied to your trim, windows, and other surfaces that require attention to detail during the coating process. 


Step 10: Clean Up 


Once the heat-reflective finish is applied and dry, your property is left tidy, clean, and beautiful – just like your home!  


After 10 carefully completed steps, your home displays its vibrancy with a sustainable coating that saves you money on cooling costs and repainting. Contact us today to learn more about TEX•COTE®’s products, services, or how to become an authorized applicator.  

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