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Thanks To Jay A. Haines For His Years Of Service And A Fond Farewell…

Twenty-two years after joining the family business, Jay Haines is stepping down as President/CEO of Textured Coatings of America. A third-generation Haines to run TEX•COTE®, Jay has decided to change direction and pursue new career opportunities. In TEX•COTE’s 57th year of business, Jay will hand the reins back to his father, Chairman Stuart M. Haines, who immediately regains the role of Chairman and Acting President/CEO. For nearly six decades, TEX•COTE® has produced and advanced TEX•COTE products and technology, establishing and maintaining the brand as a standard-bearer in the architectural coating industry.

During Jay’s tenure, he has been known for his strong vision and passion to produce innovative new products contained in groundbreaking infrared heat-reflective paint and coating product lines. He also is the inventor of five patents and establishing TEX•COTE as a premier manufacturer in the coatings industry. Jay took the helm of TEX•COTE in January 1996, after a career as an assistant district attorney in San Diego. He also was actively involved with the Environmental Protection Agency in the 1990s, helping to create new rules on volatile organic compounds. Jay earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Colorado and his Juris Doctor in Southern California. He has remained an active member of the State Bar of California. Everyone at TEX•COTE wishes Jay the very best on his journey and endless thanks for all the contributions that have brought TEX•COTE to where it is today.

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