REFLECT-TEC® Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:

How does the REFLECT-TEC® System compare to traditional acrylic/ elastomeric roof coatings?


REFLECT-TEC® is specially formulated with industry-leading Kynar® resin and with special heat-reflective pigments. Among other benefits, this combination provides increased Total Solar Reflectance, reduced surface temperatures, superior fade-resistance, and enhanced resistance to dirt pickup, mold and mildew growth.

Question 2:

Does a roof have to be painted white in order to be considered a “Cool Roof”?


No. Now, with the REFLECT-TEC® System’s heat-reflective properties, increased Total Solar Reflectance and reduced surface temperatures can be obtained in all colors!

Question 3:

How does the REFLECT-TEC® System compare to white roof coatings?


The REFLECT-TEC® System is actually able to maintain high Total Solar Reflectance values longer than traditional acrylic/ elastomeric roofs, even in white! Other products collect dirt, mold, and mildew over time, reducing their solar reflectance values. REFLECT-TEC®’ s ability to resist these contaminants allows it to maintain superior reflectance values.

Question 4:

Is the REFLECT-TEC® System considered to be a “Cool Roof” product?


The REFLECT-TEC® System’s Total Solar Reflectance (TSR) values exceed Title 24 standards for steep-sloped roofs in all standard colors and has been rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC).

Question 5:

How does the REFLECT-TEC® System reflect heat without changing color?


The ability of the REFLECT-TEC® System to keep roof surfaces cooler is based on its ability to reflect a much greater percentage of the non-visible portion of the spectrum (infrared) leaving the color relatively unaffected.

Question 6:

Does the REFLECT-TEC® System have limited color choices?


The REFLECT-TEC® System is available in several visually appealing standard colors. Custom colors are available by special order but may require extended production times.

Question 7:

Can the REFLECT-TEC® System contribute to LEED credits?


The LEED program includes a credit under the Sustainable Sites category for cool roofs based on their ability to reduce the heat island effect. A cool roof must have a minimum SRI of 29 for steep sloped roofs in order to be eligible for credit. The REFLECT-TEC® System meets this requirement in all standard colors.

Question 8:

Is the REFLECT-TEC® System only for use on roofs?


No. The REFLECT-TEC® System is also the recommended system for metal wall surfaces when a smooth finish is desired. If a textured finish is desired or a heat-reflective finish is desired for wall surfaces other than metal, the COOLWALL® System should be used.

Question 9:

What is the coating procedure for the REFLECT-TEC® System?


The REFLECT-TEC® System must be applied to a clean, sound roofing surface. Any broken tiles must be replaced, corroded metal treated and spot-primed with METAL-PRIME™, and roof surface patched appropriately. REFLECT-TEC®’s special TEX-BOND™ bonding primer is applied then the REFLECT-TEC® Heat-Reflective Finish.