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KALOS, one of the largest commercial property developers in Mexico

KALOS Projects

KALOS Projects, Monterrey Mexico

KALOS, one of the largest commercial property developers in Mexico, has elected to use a full suite of TEXCOTE® products for their new industrial parks. Their preferred method of construction is concrete tilt-wall, where the walls are poured flat in place and lifted to the upright position. All interior exposed steel is coated with TEXCOTE® METAL PRIME™ primer and SUPERCOTE® BRIGHT WHITE topcoat to provide a clean white, high gloss finish.The exterior walls are coated with patented COOLWALL®, while the exterior metal is finished with REFLECT-TEC® infrared heat-reflective coating to reduce cooling costs and maintain a trouble-free, fade resistant appearance for years to come. To increase impact and chemical resistance, many surfaces are finished with our two-component CLEAR-GUARD® polyurethane top-coat.

In addition to ongoing new construction, KALOS is now beginning to recoat millions of square feet of existing commercial buildings with our COOLWALL® systems and REFLECT-TEC® systems for metal, walls and reveals.

Textured Coatings of America, Inc. is proud to be the provider of choice for the architectural coatings on these magnificent industrial developments.

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