Massalina Memorial Homes – Panama City, FL

Massalina Memorial Homes elected to use Textured Coatings of America, Inc. to provide a superior exterior coating solution for their Panama City apartment complex. The apartment complex, a brick structure, was coated with the TEXCOTE® COOLWALL® SUPER-COTE™ System, incorporating IR reflective pigment technology, in March of 2012 and evaluated for color change over time. The chosen colors were COOLWALL® SUPER-COTE™ Dixieland (Gray) over the main body of the buildings and COOLWALL® SUPER-COTE™ Onyx Black on the shutters. Color readings were taken in different locations of the building using an X-Rite portable Spectrophotometer, Model SP60. All DELTA E values were calculated using CIE DELTA E criterion… Read more