Lamar Advertising Company – Panama City, FL

Lamar Advertising Company, one of the nation’s largest outdoor advertising firms with more than 325,000 billboards across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico, decided to use Textured Coatings of America, Inc. to provide a superior exterior coating solution for their Panama City facility. The Lamar building, a 50-year-old structure with rusting galvanized siding and multiple layers of paint, was coated with the TEXCOTE® REFLECT-TEC® System, incorporating IR reflective pigment technology, in February of 2012 and evaluated for color change over time. The chosen colors were; REFLECT-TEC® Tan over the main body of the metallic building and REFLECT-TEC® Green on the metallic awnings. Periodic color readings were taken in different locations of the building using an X-Rite portable Spectrophotometer. All DELTA E values were calculated and showed the colors, over the 50 months, have held up extremely well without any appreciable fading… Read more