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ERASER-COTEĀ® - Clear and White Dry-Erase Coating
ERASER-COTEĀ® - Clear and White Dry-Erase Coating


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ERASER-COTE® is an ultra low-odor dry-erase coating that can transform virtually any painted or unpainted surface into a dry-erase board. Marks from industry-standard dry-erase markers and pens can be easily removed from ERASER-COTE®'s long-lasting high performance surface. Unlike other dry-erase coatings, ERASER-COTE® will not ghost, yellow, or cause markers to "crawl" or appear watery. ERASER-COTE® is available in both white and clear formulas and can be applied in one easy, single-coat application. ERASER-COTE® is waterbased with virtually no odor and a very low VOC, allowing you to get back in to your home or office space immediately. ERASER-COTE® is perfect for healthcare, educational & institutional, corporate & commercial, and residential applications.